Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Ups & Downs of Writing Erotica

I started writing explicit adult erotic stories about 15 years ago or so.  I had friends that would give me a topic for instance, such as sex in public, then add in a few variables on what they would like to be in the story and I would write it and send it to them.  Friends that needed a little “pick me up” in the sex department to make a night with their lover or husband interesting were thrilled with them. 
I took up the challenge with gusto.  I could throw a short story together rather quickly and the more that I wrote, the more people begged me to do them for them.  I had probably hundreds of them until one day I decided that I no longer wanted to write them anymore.  I stuck them all on several floppy discs and basically forgot about them for the most part.  I forgot all about the people that told me just how much they loved them and how it made me feel to be able to make people happy with my words. 
When my friends and family found out what I did in my spare time, I was treated very differently then I wanted to be treated.  People tend to pass judgment immediately when they realize that you are doing something as terrible as writing “nasty stories” and therefore, you must be a nasty perverted person.
It bothered me but not more then when I would talk to people and they would only want the stories and heaven forbid you discuss something other than sex!  Needless to say I gave up erotica and started writing short stories.  They were definitely lacking something though for me.  I loved writing, but even though they were ok, they didn’t bring me the satisfaction as it did to write Erotica. 
I met an Indie author, Martin Sharlow, which gave me some good advice.  I loved his books and couldn’t wait for his next one to be published, devouring everything he writes.  He was slowly moving up the charts to become a well-known author that I learned a great deal from.  By now, I had only about 15 stories left that were not lost or corrupted so I got them out and put them together into a book.  I found out that I could publish them after a bit of polishing and I figured it couldn’t hurt.  If I made a few dollars in the meantime, that would be cool.  
When I finished Time Well Spent, I broke it up into smaller parts because it is a collection of stories.  I tried to pair up topics of interest so people that didn’t want to take a chance on a new writer would be able to sample the types of topics that interests them for a small amount & then move onto my other ones if they so desired. 
I am happy to say that I love this new adventure of writing.  I love to hear what people have to say about my books, and I am constantly learning how best to write what people really enjoy.  If I can bring a small bit of pleasure to people, while doing something I love, I am very happy indeed. 
Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

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