Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Best Toy can Easily be Dismissed…. If you aren’t careful that is….

Masturbation is an interesting topic for me.  I grew up in a household that not unlike a lot of people, it was shall we say, frowned upon.  Heaven forbid you actually make a reference to touching yourself.  Heck if I wanted to get my sister’s in trouble, I could just mention that they were doing something strange in their bed and walla… vengeance for whatever slight be it was real or imagined.  Ok well that wasn’t something I did but it would surely work if I wanted to really get someone into trouble :O)

I remember when my mom was changing my daughters diaper when she was a baby becoming very angry at her and nearly biting her head off for moving my baby’s hand away from her vagina.  She hated the word Vagina and I used it as often as humanly possible to annoy her.  As you can probably guess from reading my blog postings, I have absolutely no problem with masturbation in any form or fashion. 

Personally I don’t have a lot of toys that I use.  I only really use one on a regular basis that has never once failed me.  It is funny, I went to a Pure Romance Party at my sister’s house and I won this wonderful purple friend in a game and thought nothing really of it.  Looked like a cheap piece of garbage to me.  To be honest, I was trying to trade my sister for the penis pasta that she won, thinking it was way cooler than what I got! I even went and bought a more expensive toy at the party thinking that it would be a real wonderful purchase but I will leave that one for another time.  This is the story of “Purple”

You will notice that it has a nice shape to it and it is meant to hit the “G spot” (If you have read the comments, this is not what this toy is for according to a wonderful commenter that is full of information!) which I had never actually thought existed until this new friend entered my life.  Oh I was an expert at adult toys, got my first one when I was 16 years old in fact.  My new best friend :O) I have several toys and have used toys in lovemaking as well as whenever the inspiration hits me.  I really enjoy writing about using them, and fantasizing about it butI  as of yet, not really met anyone that really likes to play and explore the joys of adult toys with me but I am getting off topic again. 

I took “Purple” home and put batteries in him, not expecting anything all that thrilling to be honest.  I was surprised at first by the power he possessed.  I wasn’t really all that sure what the little seeming like a handle? under the base was for.  It seemed odd to me but I went with it.  

The biggest surprise was that I was able to achieve maximum satisfaction, or so I thought at the time, rather quickly.  Pretty amazing and I thought that was really cool, was tired anyway and it worked well.  Then with further experimentation, he became my favorite and the one that I use most often. 

One night I was experimenting and hit what I can only guess was the elusive G-spot that I had heard so many wonderful things about and I was pretty sure I was going to die of pure pleasure.  I had multiple orgasms before but nothing like this.  It went all over my whole entire body, fast and furiously and lasted for no kidding 7 whole minuets.  I didn’t think it was possible, looked at the clock several times thinking I had imagined it.  I was exhausted and slept better than I had in months. 

Now it doesn’t take an expert to know why “Purple” is my favorite.  Others have brought pleasure but none has been able to come close to the reliability of him.  The best part? I have been able to take that 7 min up to 10 min. of the most powerful mind blowing experiences ever.  So in closing… just because a toy may look not so impressive, doesn’t mean at all that it isn’t a masterpiece!  That goes for people too, you can be amazed in amazing ways if you just open your mind and explore for yourself with a friend or alone with a toy.

I hope that you enjoyed my first installment of toy play…. Look for more to come….

The Many Pleasures of Adult Toys Coming Soon :O)

I have decided to start a new series on the “Many Pleasures of Adult Toys”.  I am going to be featuring some of my personal favorite toys and I would like my blog to be interactive.  What I mean by this is that I am hoping that others will share their favorite toys, what they like about them or some good advice for those of us who would like to try new things.  I am hoping to maybe make this a place where people can share questions and get answers. 

I will be looking for experts to feature as well on various topics.  I have a friend I am talking too that can share her expert insights with us all in fact.  All I ask is that if you would like to comment on someone’s questions or posting to please be respectful.  I am hoping this can be a safe place to get some advice and ideas by keeping in mind that not everything is for everyone.

I would love to hear what others think about this thought… look for my first posting on my all-time #1 favorite toy coming soon :O) 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Food in Lovemaking or No Food… That is the Question?

Happy New Year’s everyone!  Every single year I say, WOW that year sure went by fast and each year I mean it but this year sure seemed like it was especially fast moving for me!  People like to ask each other what their resolution is at the beginning of the year.  I have been asked this several times so far and I can come up with a ton of ideas but I always fail on them.  This year I have decided to not have one, just do my best at everything and that way I won’t be disappointed if I fail :O)

I thought it would be fun to write about one of the things that I really like to mix with lovemaking and that would be food.  Well certain foods are obviously better than others.  I had once heard that a friend didn’t like the taste of her boyfriend’s cum so she started feeding him cinnamon rolls because she had read somewhere that it helped with the taste and she swore that it made it taste more like cinnamon.  Not something I have tried out personally but I suppose it might have merit?  

 I am someone that really likes to give pleasure and my very favorite food item would be warm caramel.   It is so much fun to have my partner lying down in front of a warm small fire, all cozy with blankets and pillows all over the place.  If he has a button up shirt on with several buttons open and slacks, laying down all comfortable sipping wine when I come into the room carrying my bowl of warm caramel smiling at me, all the better.

I love to put my finger into the caramel, sucking on it and then bending down to take my partners bottom lip into my mouth, licking it and then sucking slightly on it as I slowly un-button the shirt he is wearing.  I then drizzle a bit of caramel on his nipples and suck it off each one.  I am sure you can imagine the fun that we have when his pants are off and it is drizzled on his erection?  Caramel is quite sticky and it takes a bit of effort to make sure it is all off.  If it is done right, who needs to feed their partner cinnamon?  Besides, caramel tastes so much better :O)

I have heard a lot of opinions on food or no food… Some people just do not see the benefits of it at all.  Of course there are other things I enjoy such as fudge sauce, fruit, whip cream, that kind of thing.  One of the best most wonderful erotic kisses I have ever had was given with grapes.  I never thought in a million years that eating grapes could be so over the top erotic.  When the fit with the partner and the food is a good mix, it can take you to a whole new level.  Then also if you are still sticky later, my next favorite thing in the world is taking a shower with my partner.

What about you?  Do you love it or hate it?  What are your favorite types of food if you use it for sex play?  I would love to hear your opinions on the subject.