Thursday, June 30, 2011

My inspiration and where it comes from….

In my first series Time Well Spent – The Complete Collection, I took inspiration from many different places.  Each story had an origin of course, why they were in the setting that I put them in, the people in the stories as well as the types of stories that they became.  My inspiration comes from a collection of things really such as “Forever Love,” it was my first story that I had written for anyone and it was written for me first and foremost. 

I was dreaming of what I wanted more than anything, the type of relationship that I wanted.  The perfect man, who loved me unconditionally, and it was set in the perfect scene for me, at the ocean.  One thing readers notice about my stories is a lot of them are set near or in water.  Water for me is calming and so very peaceful.  I can go and sit at the river for instance and be riddled with one problem or another and within just a few short minutes the water feels as though it is taking each and every problem away, where they don’t matter anymore.  

I was in a bad place in my life when I wrote this story that put me on the road of where I am today.  One of my favorite lines in the story is “They walk to the shore, hand in hand stopping frequently to touch and kiss.  It is as if they would die if they don’t touch frequently their love is so great.” Touch is very important especially in an erotic story as you can guess.  This particular description meant a whole lot to me at the time especially.  It seemed like the most wonderful thing in the world to me.  Something dreams were made of, you know, those dreams that people dare to dream but dare not to wish can come true.

Readers notice this story is somewhat different from my other stories in the sense that it is more romantic, tamer in some ways then the other stories in the collection.  I struggled with rather to include it in this book because it is more of a quick dream type of story to be honest.  It isn’t as “Hot” as some have said about it but I decided it had its place in the book too so I put it as the last story in the collection.  It may have been my first story to launch me into writing erotica, but it put me on the path that I am on today. It is still a dream that has a place in my heart.

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

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