Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Hugs.....

I don’t have to tell anyone that there are different types of hugs; everyone knows that there are many different kinds of them.  There is the kind of hug that a parent gives their child, full of love and compassion, wanting to let their child feel that love in that close connection.  There is the kind of hug that you give your grandmother, or parents that shows warmth, love and appreciation.  All hugs can communicate many things from a simple “thank you” to “I couldn’t live without you” hugs, and all those in between. 

Then there are the hugs you give someone for just simply doing something nice for you.  I am a huger, love to hug people and I have all kinds of ways to express myself.  I find it hard not to touch people, probably because I am a firm believer that just a simple touch can express so many things at once, or just a few.  It is a way to communicate without words.  Sometimes the power of touch supersedes all other things, can break through to a person’s heart when nothing else can so to hug someone who needs a bit of physical contact is all it takes to turn their day around, much more potent then a smile to the lonely.

Then there is my favorite kind of hugs, the intimate ones that can start out so simple but then grow into something either still simple, or complex that a person can gain so much pleasure that they feel totally at peace.  To be able to just be close to the one that you have feelings for, to lay your head against his chest and feel his heartbeat on your face causing you to smile and sigh.  I love to be hugged close, to feel arms around me as the heat of bodies move together.  

Instantly I can feel the heat from my body increasing as my heartbeat increases when I am in someones arms.  If he is wearing cologne rather it is store bought or his own wonderful intoxicating scent, it can overwhelm my senses.  Moving my hands up and down his body, starting on the outside of his shirt of course, feeling his muscles tense from just a simple touch of my hand, feeling his arms grown tighter around me. 

I love to explore my partners’ body. To feel the nice firm chest that is under my hands, the nipples harden at the small touch while my hand moves over it is erotic for me.  To run my hands up his back, down to his bum and all the while feel his hands caress me as well can make me ready for anything especially if there is a deep penetrating kiss involved. 

Hugging can be done in all sorts of positions, standing up, lying down, and bent over even or just about any way you can imagine.  When hands are involved moving over each others bodies, small fires ignite quickly turning into an inferno.  One of my favorite ways to hug is after lovemaking… laying in my partners arms with my hand caressing his arms and chest (see a pattern here?  Maybe that I enjoy chests and arms :O) Being held close as his hands lazily move over my body as well until I fall asleep is the way I would love to fall asleep every night. 

I am not selfish by any means, I love to hold someone close to me as well with his head resting on my chest especially if he decides to maybe suck my nipples too… well then that is my definite favorite way to fall asleep…. Except you can’t forget the deep, passionate kisses :O)  

So for me, hugs don’t have to be sexual but it is sure a lot more fun when they are... what do you think?  Are hugs important to you?