Thursday, October 27, 2011

What makes a good kiss?

So I was thinking about kissing today, as I do often.  Kissing is one of my all-time favorite things to do when I am with a partner.  I could kiss for hours.  You know, the kind of make out session you had when you first discovered the wonders of kissing?  A friend suggested that I might have been stunted or just stayed in that age because that is when my life seemed to stop moving forward since I got into a long term relationship right out of Jr. High School.  (Eventually married and were together for nearly 20 years before we decided that we were no longer compatible.) 

In thinking on it further, it is possible.  I have met very few people that enjoy kissing as much as I do, that can do it for hours, literally loosing time and need chap stick the next day.  Excessive?  Not to me.  I have done just that, just kissing, touching but not going any further and quite literally 4 hours passed and it seemed like minuets rather than hours.  I find a good kisser, it’s hard to let him get away because, well… they seem to be few and far between in my experience.

What makes a good kiss for me probably differs from others as I can be satisfied with just kisses if they are done right.  I have no problem initiating kissing someone if I think they might like a kiss.  Take for instance, talking to a potential person to spend a great many hours with, someone I am comfortable with I like to test the waters.  

When our eyes meet, and the signal for “A kiss would be nice” such as the obvious lingering look at my mouth, (I like a smile accompanied by the look), then either they can start the kiss or I will.  Little movements with lips at first, testing the waters as I said.  I have an obsession with bottom lips, sucking on them gently into my mouth, moving my tongue around on them, waiting to see if another tongue joins mine or not.  To me, that is the “go ahead” I want before I deepen the kiss.  

Sometimes it takes a few moments to get a good rhythm, but once the exploring each other’s mouths start, I like to settle in for some real kissing.  It is a mixture of slow passionate kisses to faster, breathing harder kisses because hands are also exploring.  Nipples are being pinched; tongues are being sucked on, lips smoothly moving as each new sensation is felt.  It is fun to do this with clothing on, at least I think so.  

Mouths are one of my favorite things, always the first thing I have always noticed about someone.  If you add sucking on necks, or move to nipples… both partners nipples because if the partner is a man, he can also enjoy little sucks, bites and kisses on his nipples, well it’s a recipe for an explosion.  

Since I do write a lot about kissing, I would like to hear others thoughts on what they think the perfect kisses are.  Is it the peck on the cheek or lips, or perhaps, the faster the better?  Slower the better?  Tongue vs. No tongue? Get on with it why don’t you and kiss me quick so we can get down to the real fun?  Are kisses important to you?


  1. A good kiss can spark a raging fire of desire or if done poorly, without feeling it can douse the flames of passion. You have described a kiss that could start a forest fire.

    I love to kiss too, but I've noticed that when it comes to tongue action, a lot of women tend to expect the man to be the penetrator. Actually and I've spoken to other men on this subject, men love to kiss with a woman who isn't afraid to offer up her own tongue. Anyway, that just the opinion of a man who never leaves home without his chap stick.

    Ms. Bella, nice post

  2. I love kissing ... with and without that yummy muscle you have in your mouth ... just the brushing of ones lips to another, tugging on the bottom lip with your teeth ... hmmmmmmm yeah!

    Great post, thanks!

  3. *Fans self* Whew! Girl, now I need some good kissing.

    Loved this post! Love your writing style! You should join me, Benjamin, and a few other superb writers for Flash Fiction Friday. If your interested talk to me or Benjamin and we'll give you the scoop.

  4. I think kissing is justas important as the rest of sex. And yes, I consider kissing sex. It always starts there and escalates. I like long slow tongue kisses where I can suck on his tongue and bottom lip. Very sexy. I enjoyed your post, and I agree a good kiss can last for hours.

  5. Kisses are very important. Personally, the type of kissing I like depends greatly on the situation. Variety is good. ;)

  6. This was awesome to read. Now I know there are others who love kissing as much as I do.

    Thanks for a great read.

  7. Thanks Everyone! I am so glad that I picked a subject near and dear to my heart, and apparently others as well :) You guys are awesome! Glad to know that maybe I am not just stuck in my teen years but that it is something that a lot of people really enjoy.

  8. I agree, eyes, sounds, I want to hear moaning, breathing and sucking noises, hands for pull you in close and of course tongue, sucking, biting, tasting each other..

  9. Damn, my husband is asleep so No kissing for me!

    I like kissing. I actually miss kissing. It's hard to find the time for make out sessions when there are always kids between you. For that, I can't wait for mine to be a little older and less dependent. Soon, my precious-es, soon.. Then the kissing can commence for a good long while.

    I have a weak spot for necking though. :shudders just thinking about it: and let's not forget the lobes!

    Erika Badass
    Badass Books

  10. I agree with Erika, I don't engage in make out sessions anymore the way I used to. And, now, I realize how much I miss it.
    Thank you for the reminder.

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