Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Hugs.....

I don’t have to tell anyone that there are different types of hugs; everyone knows that there are many different kinds of them.  There is the kind of hug that a parent gives their child, full of love and compassion, wanting to let their child feel that love in that close connection.  There is the kind of hug that you give your grandmother, or parents that shows warmth, love and appreciation.  All hugs can communicate many things from a simple “thank you” to “I couldn’t live without you” hugs, and all those in between. 

Then there are the hugs you give someone for just simply doing something nice for you.  I am a huger, love to hug people and I have all kinds of ways to express myself.  I find it hard not to touch people, probably because I am a firm believer that just a simple touch can express so many things at once, or just a few.  It is a way to communicate without words.  Sometimes the power of touch supersedes all other things, can break through to a person’s heart when nothing else can so to hug someone who needs a bit of physical contact is all it takes to turn their day around, much more potent then a smile to the lonely.

Then there is my favorite kind of hugs, the intimate ones that can start out so simple but then grow into something either still simple, or complex that a person can gain so much pleasure that they feel totally at peace.  To be able to just be close to the one that you have feelings for, to lay your head against his chest and feel his heartbeat on your face causing you to smile and sigh.  I love to be hugged close, to feel arms around me as the heat of bodies move together.  

Instantly I can feel the heat from my body increasing as my heartbeat increases when I am in someones arms.  If he is wearing cologne rather it is store bought or his own wonderful intoxicating scent, it can overwhelm my senses.  Moving my hands up and down his body, starting on the outside of his shirt of course, feeling his muscles tense from just a simple touch of my hand, feeling his arms grown tighter around me. 

I love to explore my partners’ body. To feel the nice firm chest that is under my hands, the nipples harden at the small touch while my hand moves over it is erotic for me.  To run my hands up his back, down to his bum and all the while feel his hands caress me as well can make me ready for anything especially if there is a deep penetrating kiss involved. 

Hugging can be done in all sorts of positions, standing up, lying down, and bent over even or just about any way you can imagine.  When hands are involved moving over each others bodies, small fires ignite quickly turning into an inferno.  One of my favorite ways to hug is after lovemaking… laying in my partners arms with my hand caressing his arms and chest (see a pattern here?  Maybe that I enjoy chests and arms :O) Being held close as his hands lazily move over my body as well until I fall asleep is the way I would love to fall asleep every night. 

I am not selfish by any means, I love to hold someone close to me as well with his head resting on my chest especially if he decides to maybe suck my nipples too… well then that is my definite favorite way to fall asleep…. Except you can’t forget the deep, passionate kisses :O)  

So for me, hugs don’t have to be sexual but it is sure a lot more fun when they are... what do you think?  Are hugs important to you?

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nipple Nibbling…

Well I figured I did my last blog post on kissing, thought it would be appropriate to mention my next favorite thing, nipple play.  If it is done right, that is all it takes for some people to have a mind blowing orgasm.  If you have very large breasts, and have experienced the absolute divine pleasure of both nipples being sucked at the same time in one mouth, well there is nothing better.  OK well unless there is a bit of nibbling as well.  I suppose if you have smaller breasts and have two mouths sucking on them at the same time, couldn’t be all that bad either :O)

I have talked with people, both men and women that love to have their nipples played with, sucked, and just generally worshiped.  I have also talked with men who really hate their nipples touched, as a matter of fact, I know one that if you even so much as think of touching his nipple, totally ruins the mood for him.  I feel sorry for him because personally my nipples are so sensitive that I can get complete pleasure out of just nipple play.  
I don’t think I have ever personally spoken to a woman who didn’t like her nipples sucked.  Some may not like them bitten or nibbled on but in my research, most women like their nipples sucked.  Some women with very large breasts can suck their own nipples and this can be exciting for some, others, not so much.  I definitely think teeth have their place in lovemaking, especially with nipples.  

As with kissing, I could have my nipples played with and sucked for hours and it not bother me.  I love to also bring pleasure to my partner by exploring their nipples.  They like a little pain too, well I have no problem at all with nipple nibbling :O) 
I am curious as to what others enjoy.  Do you like your nipples played with?  Bitten?  Sucked? Not touched?  Maybe it isn’t at all important?  Maybe it is essential for a fulfilling encounter?  

I should be finished with my next book by the end of this weekend.  The new title is More Time Well Spent.  I have several short stories that are going to be in this collection.  I am excited to see what you all think of it!  Look for it coming soon :O)

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

Thursday, October 27, 2011

What makes a good kiss?

So I was thinking about kissing today, as I do often.  Kissing is one of my all-time favorite things to do when I am with a partner.  I could kiss for hours.  You know, the kind of make out session you had when you first discovered the wonders of kissing?  A friend suggested that I might have been stunted or just stayed in that age because that is when my life seemed to stop moving forward since I got into a long term relationship right out of Jr. High School.  (Eventually married and were together for nearly 20 years before we decided that we were no longer compatible.) 

In thinking on it further, it is possible.  I have met very few people that enjoy kissing as much as I do, that can do it for hours, literally loosing time and need chap stick the next day.  Excessive?  Not to me.  I have done just that, just kissing, touching but not going any further and quite literally 4 hours passed and it seemed like minuets rather than hours.  I find a good kisser, it’s hard to let him get away because, well… they seem to be few and far between in my experience.

What makes a good kiss for me probably differs from others as I can be satisfied with just kisses if they are done right.  I have no problem initiating kissing someone if I think they might like a kiss.  Take for instance, talking to a potential person to spend a great many hours with, someone I am comfortable with I like to test the waters.  

When our eyes meet, and the signal for “A kiss would be nice” such as the obvious lingering look at my mouth, (I like a smile accompanied by the look), then either they can start the kiss or I will.  Little movements with lips at first, testing the waters as I said.  I have an obsession with bottom lips, sucking on them gently into my mouth, moving my tongue around on them, waiting to see if another tongue joins mine or not.  To me, that is the “go ahead” I want before I deepen the kiss.  

Sometimes it takes a few moments to get a good rhythm, but once the exploring each other’s mouths start, I like to settle in for some real kissing.  It is a mixture of slow passionate kisses to faster, breathing harder kisses because hands are also exploring.  Nipples are being pinched; tongues are being sucked on, lips smoothly moving as each new sensation is felt.  It is fun to do this with clothing on, at least I think so.  

Mouths are one of my favorite things, always the first thing I have always noticed about someone.  If you add sucking on necks, or move to nipples… both partners nipples because if the partner is a man, he can also enjoy little sucks, bites and kisses on his nipples, well it’s a recipe for an explosion.  

Since I do write a lot about kissing, I would like to hear others thoughts on what they think the perfect kisses are.  Is it the peck on the cheek or lips, or perhaps, the faster the better?  Slower the better?  Tongue vs. No tongue? Get on with it why don’t you and kiss me quick so we can get down to the real fun?  Are kisses important to you?

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Well here I am, less time has passed since my last blog posting but still it’s been a few days.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  

I have had the sad duty of watching people break from the first moment the carpet has been ripped away from their feet to land them on their bums in a hard painful crash.  It’s never fun to watch someone break, at least for me.  I know some people get a sick pleasure out of watching others in crippling misery but for me, it affects me on many levels.  

This last month, I watched my sister who has been married for 18 years suddenly tell her husband that she no longer loves him and she was leaving him.  Everyone was shocked especially the husband who had absolutely no clue there was a problem in the first place.  I watched this man, my brother for all intents and purposes break and beg his wife for a second chance.  I watched her turn him down flat and walk away, not caring if the consequences meant that she wouldn’t see her son as much but she felt that she had to do it for whatever reason plagued her.  It wasn’t for me to understand but this kind of thing drives me insane.  

My family is a very strong, albeit strange family.  We have family dinners every Sunday because we are so close.  If we miss a weekend my nieces and nephews struggle to the next week.  Yep, we are not the typical family that only gets together on holidays but we also get together whenever we can.  It is important to us.

Now I got to watch my daughter who is 29 years old get the shock of her life and shatter bit by bit when her life partner told her that she was in love with another woman after 8 years of marriage.  No one expected this at all, least of all my daughter or this other woman’s husband of 10 years.  They totally seemed like the perfect couple, never fighting, and being so full of love for one another.  It rocked my family to the core and as a parent, breaks my heart to see my daughter go through this type of horrible pain.  She is a strong woman and will get through it but anyone that has had a break up knows it won’t be an easy road.  

Now I have seen the grief process impact several of my family members on many levels as I am sure anyone can guess if they guess how close my family is.  I have seen the pain so intense that tears are not possible to be kept at bay as I see the heartbreak overwhelm the one affected at that particular moment.  The pain radiates from the person experiencing it to those around them, making it possible to see the devastation in progress, how each person there deals with it in their own way.  

The pain is a living thing, it creeps out with tentacles to penetrate a person and how strong that person is has the distinct effect on how far they will reach in, and how much damage they will do to the person it is invading at that moment.  It is hard to watch, even harder to share in the experience but I have learned from it.  I have learned from how I react to the confusion, the utter unbelief of the situation but more then anything, I have learned from how others deal with it.
I think as a writer, regardless of the genre they write it, any situation being it painful or happy is an opportunity to observe and understand how people work.  It is seeing past the given situation to the core, being able to internalize it and feel it I think that helps me in how to better write.  

This said it has been a tough year for me.  I have let my writing take a back burner in my life because I have been overwhelmed with life but I am now excited to look at my stories that I have started.  I am back to the “Onward and Upward!” thoughts.  I am ready to get busy.  I plan to take what I have experienced this last year and take advantage of it, writing for the pure pleasure of it and see where it takes me.  

I hope that others that might be experiencing life’s challenges take a moment to stop, look around and learn from what is going on in their lives.  Take advantage of the experiences and take the good from the bad.  Find that silver lining and don’t let the difficult things you see win.  Most important?  Find someone to smile at, say something positive too, and just listen to someone.  There are so many broken people these days that you never know when that smile, or kind word will make someone’s day, even in a small way :O)

Happy Reading!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

What Really Matters

It’s been a while since I have had time to post on my blog.  I hope that you all had a nice summer!  Mine has been especially busy.  I have been helping a friend recover from an operation to remove two toes caused by diabetes.  Such a terrible disease.  He is doing well now, on the road to recovery and we are hoping he will be walking soon!  

I have also had a lot of life changes, such as my job slowing down to nearly stopping completely, family challenges, the whole nine yards.  I have done a lot of soul searching the last few months and I have come to realize what really matters in my life.  

People really are what are important.  I know a lot of people say this, and really mean it sometimes too but in helping my friend, along with a lot of challenges I find myself reflecting on not stuff, but people.  I am so happy to have such wonderful friends that help me remember who I am.

I had planned to have my next book out by now, nope, not done.  I let life’s worries take me over and I am done with that.  I am happy to say that I woke up this morning, totally sure what I am going to be doing and how to attack this crazy life I find myself in and I am finally at peace.  I am going to write, write, and write some more.  I am going to be getting several books out soon, letting the problems take care of themselves for once.  

I have several projects that I am working on and excited to get started.  I realized that I had not posted the wonderful news about my Time Well Spent the Complete Collection now being offered in paperback.  Yep, I am thrilled!  It is the “Name’s Edition” which is cool.  

I wanted to stop by though and let everyone know that I took a little break to help a friend, and now I am back to work.  I am excited to get the new books out.  Now just trying to decide which one to work on first :O) 

Have a GREAT day everyone and Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Importance of Writting Reviews....

I know that it is important to write reviews, and I do write them for the books that I read as soon as I finish them so I don’t forget.  I didn’t understand how truly important it really is until recently.  Oh I have always wished others would write reviews on my books when they like and read them.  Even if people didn’t care for my books, if they would leave some constructive criticism so I could improve them that would be awesome.  I know people do like them since they tell me but for some reason, that taking a few moments to write what they like about the book is just too time consuming for a lot of people.

Well I have spent the last 10 days at the hospital with a very good friend and fellow author, Martin Sharlow.  He has had some complications with diabetes and has not been able to get computer access until recently.  He has not been able to promote his books or communicate with fans as he usually does.  Because of this, his numbers have dropped like a rock into a deep lake.

Now Martin has a lot of fans, tons of them in fact.  Most people really love his work, me being one of his most avid supporters of his books even out of thousands of people.  For some reason, people get so busy that they will write a review on one site such as Goodreads and it will be an awesome review but not write it on Amazon which is very important to authors. 

Recently people have written some very nasty reviews on his books.  Now I know that all books are not for everyone, people love and hate a book that is a fact of life.  Why people think that they need to tear a book up so badly is beyond me.  Not too hard to say that the book just wasn’t for them and move on rather than totally assonate the characters and insult the author.  Not called for in my opinion.  Those types of reviews make me wonder what the person that wrote it has against the author, because it is so over the top. 

My point is that this author is struggling now, was doing fantastic in his book sales and all it would take is a few people that have read his books and loved them to go on over to Amazon and write a quick review.  Even those that have done a review on Goodreads could just copy their review and post it on Amazon.  That would help a great deal!

If you haven’t read any of his books, I highly recommend them.  The Fallen Series is my personal favorite but I dearly love all of his books that I have read.  His characters are unique and his descriptions are amazing.  He writes Paranormal Romance and he also has a fantasy series, Storytellers that I love. 

So if you happen to read a book written by someone, please take the time out to review it.  It helps me as an author to know what my fans like and want more of as well, and I know that I am not alone in this as an author. 

Happy Reading & Reviewing!
Bella Marie