Thursday, June 30, 2011

My inspiration and where it comes from….

In my first series Time Well Spent – The Complete Collection, I took inspiration from many different places.  Each story had an origin of course, why they were in the setting that I put them in, the people in the stories as well as the types of stories that they became.  My inspiration comes from a collection of things really such as “Forever Love,” it was my first story that I had written for anyone and it was written for me first and foremost. 

I was dreaming of what I wanted more than anything, the type of relationship that I wanted.  The perfect man, who loved me unconditionally, and it was set in the perfect scene for me, at the ocean.  One thing readers notice about my stories is a lot of them are set near or in water.  Water for me is calming and so very peaceful.  I can go and sit at the river for instance and be riddled with one problem or another and within just a few short minutes the water feels as though it is taking each and every problem away, where they don’t matter anymore.  

I was in a bad place in my life when I wrote this story that put me on the road of where I am today.  One of my favorite lines in the story is “They walk to the shore, hand in hand stopping frequently to touch and kiss.  It is as if they would die if they don’t touch frequently their love is so great.” Touch is very important especially in an erotic story as you can guess.  This particular description meant a whole lot to me at the time especially.  It seemed like the most wonderful thing in the world to me.  Something dreams were made of, you know, those dreams that people dare to dream but dare not to wish can come true.

Readers notice this story is somewhat different from my other stories in the sense that it is more romantic, tamer in some ways then the other stories in the collection.  I struggled with rather to include it in this book because it is more of a quick dream type of story to be honest.  It isn’t as “Hot” as some have said about it but I decided it had its place in the book too so I put it as the last story in the collection.  It may have been my first story to launch me into writing erotica, but it put me on the path that I am on today. It is still a dream that has a place in my heart.

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

This post is available on From the TBR Pile along with a review of my book.  Feel free to take a look if you have time!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smashwords Premium Catalog

I am so excited!  I just found out that my book Time Well Spent - The Complete Collection was approved for premium catalog status!  Pretty cool :O)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Happens......

Here is the blog post that I did for My Eclectic Bookshelf... You can check it out and enter to win a copy of my book here:

Here is my blog post if you are interested....

Life Happens….
So I have been on tour all month long and been pretty thrilled with myself that I have been on top of things, have had all my information in so all the wonderful people who have agreed to have me on their sites doing a blog, or an interview or even a review of another authors book would have plenty of time to prepare my visit for their site. 

For the sites that preferred an interview, I happily and quickly filled out all their questionnaires for them, getting them in right away.  The site that wanted a review of one of my favorite authors was a bit more difficult due to the fact that I had read a wonderful book by Katie Salidas and it was difficult for me to decide which author to review at first.  

Upon thinking it through, I chose to review an author, Martin Sharlow because he is what in my quest of floundering and not sure what I wanted to do with my life, he was there as a mentor encouraging me when I got discouraged.  He talked me into publishing my adult erotica stories in the first place.  Not because he had read them, to my knowledge he has never read one of my stories but because he is not one of those many people I have met on this journey that are not helpful in anyway.    

What I mean by this is I have met some amazing people, some really wonderful writers that genuinely have no problem helping people start out and improve their love of writing.  People from my writing group that I belong too, Indie Writers Unite have been amazing!  I have enjoyed talking to these people, reading what they post, joining in on their conversations and never once felt as though I was not welcome in anyway.

I have tried to join into conversations with writers or people on amazon groups and I have met some really vicious people.  Rude and judgmental people that just plain ignore you when you try to join into a conversation or have no problem tearing into another writer just because they ask the same question that they surely asked at one point in their learning what to do in their own journey.  Heaven forbid you ask for help because you are newby…. Really?  

This brings me to the sites that want me to write a blog.  I struggle with blogs mostly because choosing the type of genre that I write in, people really don’t comment on things that I write.  Heck it could be that my blogs are so boring that people sit their cat in front of the screen to read it to them so they will sleep?  I decided that I would do a personal blog and see what happens and guess what?  No comments :O)

What happens is life… plain and simple.  Everyone has one, some more exciting than others.  Some full of whatever happens to be in that moment happening.  After a particularly difficult last week or so, I am getting ready to go to bed and what do I find as I am signing off?  A reminder that oops, you have a blog due for the 28th, where is it?  Did it get lost in cyberspace?  (Lord only knows where it goes when it takes the wrong turn out there!)

Kind of scary when I consider what types of things I write sometimes… might scare a sweet little old grandma when she opens up a sample of one of my stories that I am sending someone thinking that someone was sending her a personal message about Relaxing Massages to Guarantee the Release of Built-up Stress and well… I am sure you get the picture :o)

So life happens… and everyone has experienced the unexpected.  Just so happens that tonight, it was my turn…. Enjoy life, it’s the only one you have!

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Interview at Immortality and Beyond

Check out my interview at Immortality and Beyond... leave a comment if you have the time :O)

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fans and their thoughts about what and who you are….

I am a relatively new writer that is just starting to sell a few books here and there.  I had no real expectations when I went into self-publishing beyond it being cool to make a few dollars for the fun of it off of my erotic tales.  My family wasn’t really thrilled with the subject matter in the sense that it was strange to read my writings because I am me, not some other person that they read and enjoy.  I of course could not be a truly sexual person, other people are, not their sister, mother, friend, aunt, or daughter!   Sure I could joke about it as my family is rather open on the subject of sex but heaven forbid I actually put words to my imagination and put the stories out for everyone to read!

For my family, it seems to be a cool thing to tell people the dirty little secret of the family.  “Have I told you what my sister does in her spare time?  I haven’t, oh she writes dirty stories!”  or “You think your friend is a pervert, you should meet my friend who writes erotica for fun!” etc.  

Well I was at a family function when one of my sisters tells not only me but a room full of people who doesn’t know that I write erotica, let alone have 12 books published, that her co-worker just loves my books and wants to know if I am a lesbian.  I laughed, not because that is totally absurd because I have anything against lesbians, which quite the opposite is true but it came so far out of left field.  She went onto say that she was asked to ask me when the next book will be out, that she has read them all and can’t wait until the next one.  

Immediately I am wondering just what my sister has been telling people.  Granted I have a few lesbian stories and the last book I wrote in my latest series has several scenes with two women and two men but, what?  How could this person, unknown to me think I am a lesbian?  

I have all sorts of stories in my books lots of them have to do with anal sex and sex in public just to name a few topics in them.  It makes me wonder what people that have read all my books think about them even.  When I asked my sister why her friend thinks that I am a lesbian, she said because she says I am either a lesbian or very in touch with my sexual side to be able to write like I do.  

I laughed a great deal but was also flattered.  I don’t get a lot of comments on my work but to hear from someone that obviously enjoys my stories, who is a lesbian herself, and is excited for my next one to come out, it makes me feel really fantastic.  I know that my stories are not for everyone, but to know that I started this whole thing as something fun to do and ended up making at the very least one person very happy with my work, well it makes it all worth it.  

Now the real choice to be made is on the several books floating around in my head fighting to be written.  Will it be a lesbian story? Maybe try my hand at writing vampire erotica?  Expanding my experience in bondage? Hot sex in a new public place I haven’t tried writing about yet?  I wonder which one will get to be first? 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pushing The Boundaries....

Being a fairly new Erotica Author, I always wonder what people think of my books.  I don’t know about other erotic authors but I get very little feedback.  Most of the comments I get from other authors of erotica that I talk to say that people don’t really give feedback unless it is bad.  I guess that means that my books must be fantastic since I hear so little… I am expecting my first million any day now  :O) 

(For those of you that don’t know, I have an odd sense of humor…. I am slightly sarcastic at times… first million is very amusing to me because there are a lot of people that believe that they can put a few books up and in a month, their first million will be made, book deals, movie deals… their lives will be perfect.  I am a bit more realistic, I have yet to see 500 but I am having a blast writing them and if it takes a little more than a month to make a million, have my book and movie deals I am ok with it!)

I often wonder what people think about the different types of subject matter I write about, wondering if I am pushing people’s boundaries and how they receive them.  One of my favorite things to write about is sex in public places.  Call me a rebel but the whole possibility of getting caught has a certain appeal to me.  In one of my stories, Dinner Out a couple is at a Mexican Restaurant and they totally push the boundaries of having sex in public.  When they leave, they have hot passionate sex at home. 

There are a lot of stories like this in the Time Well spent – The Complete Collection, sex at an office, at the beach, river, on a cruise ship, and at the mall.  In A Night to Remember, I push boundaries of some I think where I write my first mild bondage story.  

I use to write stories for friends who would give me a topic and I would write it for them.  It pushed many boundaries for me.  I didn’t think at first it would be interesting or possible for me to write but it turned out for me to be an extremely hot story to write by the time I finished it.  The person I wrote if for absolutely loved it even.

This journey of writing for me has pushed many boundaries for me, not just subject matter in my work but I had very little computer experience, especially in formatting a book or making covers.  I have found in this whole experience that I enjoy pushing my boundaries… I am learning a lot about myself and meeting some fantastic people along the way. 

There are of course boundaries I would not personally cross but I am having a really interesting time discovering just where those boundaries are.  For instance, I never thought in a million years that I would be writing to an audience that enjoy what I write in a blog form, let alone being interviewed about my books and experiences as a writer.   To think that I would not only create a website but be able to do it and still have hair… well that is a serious accomplishment :O) 

I look forward to experimenting with boundaries both in writing as well as learning new skills that I never thought possible for me.  The thought of me not being alone in this journey is very comforting.

The Ups & Downs of Writing Erotica

I started writing explicit adult erotic stories about 15 years ago or so.  I had friends that would give me a topic for instance, such as sex in public, then add in a few variables on what they would like to be in the story and I would write it and send it to them.  Friends that needed a little “pick me up” in the sex department to make a night with their lover or husband interesting were thrilled with them. 
I took up the challenge with gusto.  I could throw a short story together rather quickly and the more that I wrote, the more people begged me to do them for them.  I had probably hundreds of them until one day I decided that I no longer wanted to write them anymore.  I stuck them all on several floppy discs and basically forgot about them for the most part.  I forgot all about the people that told me just how much they loved them and how it made me feel to be able to make people happy with my words. 
When my friends and family found out what I did in my spare time, I was treated very differently then I wanted to be treated.  People tend to pass judgment immediately when they realize that you are doing something as terrible as writing “nasty stories” and therefore, you must be a nasty perverted person.
It bothered me but not more then when I would talk to people and they would only want the stories and heaven forbid you discuss something other than sex!  Needless to say I gave up erotica and started writing short stories.  They were definitely lacking something though for me.  I loved writing, but even though they were ok, they didn’t bring me the satisfaction as it did to write Erotica. 
I met an Indie author, Martin Sharlow, which gave me some good advice.  I loved his books and couldn’t wait for his next one to be published, devouring everything he writes.  He was slowly moving up the charts to become a well-known author that I learned a great deal from.  By now, I had only about 15 stories left that were not lost or corrupted so I got them out and put them together into a book.  I found out that I could publish them after a bit of polishing and I figured it couldn’t hurt.  If I made a few dollars in the meantime, that would be cool.  
When I finished Time Well Spent, I broke it up into smaller parts because it is a collection of stories.  I tried to pair up topics of interest so people that didn’t want to take a chance on a new writer would be able to sample the types of topics that interests them for a small amount & then move onto my other ones if they so desired. 
I am happy to say that I love this new adventure of writing.  I love to hear what people have to say about my books, and I am constantly learning how best to write what people really enjoy.  If I can bring a small bit of pleasure to people, while doing something I love, I am very happy indeed. 
Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Release! Jennifer's New Erotic Adventures Complete Series Books 1-4

Jennifer is a shy woman that prefers to blend into the background and not really be noticed, or so she thinks until she meets Tony at a party that her friend Jamie invites them to.

Follow Jennifer in one erotic adventure after another while she discovers what only she has dreamed of in sexual fulfillment. She experiences new sexual experiences with the sexy Italian man she met at Jamie’s party, Tony, his friend Rob, and even Jamie gets involved in one explosive sexual experience after another.

This quick read adult’s only explicit erotica story is 17,000+ words showing that her dreams couldn’t come close to the adventures they have as new friends finding out what sends each of them over the edge!

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

Warning: Explicit Adult Erotic Story

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book Tour from June 6th - 30th

Welcome Everyone!
I hope you like my new blog.  I will be posting on a regular basis but for now here is my tour information so you can follow me.  Stop in to say hi!

Tour Schedule for Bella Marie
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