Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pushing The Boundaries....

Being a fairly new Erotica Author, I always wonder what people think of my books.  I don’t know about other erotic authors but I get very little feedback.  Most of the comments I get from other authors of erotica that I talk to say that people don’t really give feedback unless it is bad.  I guess that means that my books must be fantastic since I hear so little… I am expecting my first million any day now  :O) 

(For those of you that don’t know, I have an odd sense of humor…. I am slightly sarcastic at times… first million is very amusing to me because there are a lot of people that believe that they can put a few books up and in a month, their first million will be made, book deals, movie deals… their lives will be perfect.  I am a bit more realistic, I have yet to see 500 but I am having a blast writing them and if it takes a little more than a month to make a million, have my book and movie deals I am ok with it!)

I often wonder what people think about the different types of subject matter I write about, wondering if I am pushing people’s boundaries and how they receive them.  One of my favorite things to write about is sex in public places.  Call me a rebel but the whole possibility of getting caught has a certain appeal to me.  In one of my stories, Dinner Out a couple is at a Mexican Restaurant and they totally push the boundaries of having sex in public.  When they leave, they have hot passionate sex at home. 

There are a lot of stories like this in the Time Well spent – The Complete Collection, sex at an office, at the beach, river, on a cruise ship, and at the mall.  In A Night to Remember, I push boundaries of some I think where I write my first mild bondage story.  

I use to write stories for friends who would give me a topic and I would write it for them.  It pushed many boundaries for me.  I didn’t think at first it would be interesting or possible for me to write but it turned out for me to be an extremely hot story to write by the time I finished it.  The person I wrote if for absolutely loved it even.

This journey of writing for me has pushed many boundaries for me, not just subject matter in my work but I had very little computer experience, especially in formatting a book or making covers.  I have found in this whole experience that I enjoy pushing my boundaries… I am learning a lot about myself and meeting some fantastic people along the way. 

There are of course boundaries I would not personally cross but I am having a really interesting time discovering just where those boundaries are.  For instance, I never thought in a million years that I would be writing to an audience that enjoy what I write in a blog form, let alone being interviewed about my books and experiences as a writer.   To think that I would not only create a website but be able to do it and still have hair… well that is a serious accomplishment :O) 

I look forward to experimenting with boundaries both in writing as well as learning new skills that I never thought possible for me.  The thought of me not being alone in this journey is very comforting.

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