Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Life Happens......

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Life Happens….
So I have been on tour all month long and been pretty thrilled with myself that I have been on top of things, have had all my information in so all the wonderful people who have agreed to have me on their sites doing a blog, or an interview or even a review of another authors book would have plenty of time to prepare my visit for their site. 

For the sites that preferred an interview, I happily and quickly filled out all their questionnaires for them, getting them in right away.  The site that wanted a review of one of my favorite authors was a bit more difficult due to the fact that I had read a wonderful book by Katie Salidas and it was difficult for me to decide which author to review at first.  

Upon thinking it through, I chose to review an author, Martin Sharlow because he is what in my quest of floundering and not sure what I wanted to do with my life, he was there as a mentor encouraging me when I got discouraged.  He talked me into publishing my adult erotica stories in the first place.  Not because he had read them, to my knowledge he has never read one of my stories but because he is not one of those many people I have met on this journey that are not helpful in anyway.    

What I mean by this is I have met some amazing people, some really wonderful writers that genuinely have no problem helping people start out and improve their love of writing.  People from my writing group that I belong too, Indie Writers Unite have been amazing!  I have enjoyed talking to these people, reading what they post, joining in on their conversations and never once felt as though I was not welcome in anyway.

I have tried to join into conversations with writers or people on amazon groups and I have met some really vicious people.  Rude and judgmental people that just plain ignore you when you try to join into a conversation or have no problem tearing into another writer just because they ask the same question that they surely asked at one point in their learning what to do in their own journey.  Heaven forbid you ask for help because you are newby…. Really?  

This brings me to the sites that want me to write a blog.  I struggle with blogs mostly because choosing the type of genre that I write in, people really don’t comment on things that I write.  Heck it could be that my blogs are so boring that people sit their cat in front of the screen to read it to them so they will sleep?  I decided that I would do a personal blog and see what happens and guess what?  No comments :O)

What happens is life… plain and simple.  Everyone has one, some more exciting than others.  Some full of whatever happens to be in that moment happening.  After a particularly difficult last week or so, I am getting ready to go to bed and what do I find as I am signing off?  A reminder that oops, you have a blog due for the 28th, where is it?  Did it get lost in cyberspace?  (Lord only knows where it goes when it takes the wrong turn out there!)

Kind of scary when I consider what types of things I write sometimes… might scare a sweet little old grandma when she opens up a sample of one of my stories that I am sending someone thinking that someone was sending her a personal message about Relaxing Massages to Guarantee the Release of Built-up Stress and well… I am sure you get the picture :o)

So life happens… and everyone has experienced the unexpected.  Just so happens that tonight, it was my turn…. Enjoy life, it’s the only one you have!

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

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