Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fans and their thoughts about what and who you are….

I am a relatively new writer that is just starting to sell a few books here and there.  I had no real expectations when I went into self-publishing beyond it being cool to make a few dollars for the fun of it off of my erotic tales.  My family wasn’t really thrilled with the subject matter in the sense that it was strange to read my writings because I am me, not some other person that they read and enjoy.  I of course could not be a truly sexual person, other people are, not their sister, mother, friend, aunt, or daughter!   Sure I could joke about it as my family is rather open on the subject of sex but heaven forbid I actually put words to my imagination and put the stories out for everyone to read!

For my family, it seems to be a cool thing to tell people the dirty little secret of the family.  “Have I told you what my sister does in her spare time?  I haven’t, oh she writes dirty stories!”  or “You think your friend is a pervert, you should meet my friend who writes erotica for fun!” etc.  

Well I was at a family function when one of my sisters tells not only me but a room full of people who doesn’t know that I write erotica, let alone have 12 books published, that her co-worker just loves my books and wants to know if I am a lesbian.  I laughed, not because that is totally absurd because I have anything against lesbians, which quite the opposite is true but it came so far out of left field.  She went onto say that she was asked to ask me when the next book will be out, that she has read them all and can’t wait until the next one.  

Immediately I am wondering just what my sister has been telling people.  Granted I have a few lesbian stories and the last book I wrote in my latest series has several scenes with two women and two men but, what?  How could this person, unknown to me think I am a lesbian?  

I have all sorts of stories in my books lots of them have to do with anal sex and sex in public just to name a few topics in them.  It makes me wonder what people that have read all my books think about them even.  When I asked my sister why her friend thinks that I am a lesbian, she said because she says I am either a lesbian or very in touch with my sexual side to be able to write like I do.  

I laughed a great deal but was also flattered.  I don’t get a lot of comments on my work but to hear from someone that obviously enjoys my stories, who is a lesbian herself, and is excited for my next one to come out, it makes me feel really fantastic.  I know that my stories are not for everyone, but to know that I started this whole thing as something fun to do and ended up making at the very least one person very happy with my work, well it makes it all worth it.  

Now the real choice to be made is on the several books floating around in my head fighting to be written.  Will it be a lesbian story? Maybe try my hand at writing vampire erotica?  Expanding my experience in bondage? Hot sex in a new public place I haven’t tried writing about yet?  I wonder which one will get to be first? 

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