Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nipple Nibbling…

Well I figured I did my last blog post on kissing, thought it would be appropriate to mention my next favorite thing, nipple play.  If it is done right, that is all it takes for some people to have a mind blowing orgasm.  If you have very large breasts, and have experienced the absolute divine pleasure of both nipples being sucked at the same time in one mouth, well there is nothing better.  OK well unless there is a bit of nibbling as well.  I suppose if you have smaller breasts and have two mouths sucking on them at the same time, couldn’t be all that bad either :O)

I have talked with people, both men and women that love to have their nipples played with, sucked, and just generally worshiped.  I have also talked with men who really hate their nipples touched, as a matter of fact, I know one that if you even so much as think of touching his nipple, totally ruins the mood for him.  I feel sorry for him because personally my nipples are so sensitive that I can get complete pleasure out of just nipple play.  
I don’t think I have ever personally spoken to a woman who didn’t like her nipples sucked.  Some may not like them bitten or nibbled on but in my research, most women like their nipples sucked.  Some women with very large breasts can suck their own nipples and this can be exciting for some, others, not so much.  I definitely think teeth have their place in lovemaking, especially with nipples.  

As with kissing, I could have my nipples played with and sucked for hours and it not bother me.  I love to also bring pleasure to my partner by exploring their nipples.  They like a little pain too, well I have no problem at all with nipple nibbling :O) 
I am curious as to what others enjoy.  Do you like your nipples played with?  Bitten?  Sucked? Not touched?  Maybe it isn’t at all important?  Maybe it is essential for a fulfilling encounter?  

I should be finished with my next book by the end of this weekend.  The new title is More Time Well Spent.  I have several short stories that are going to be in this collection.  I am excited to see what you all think of it!  Look for it coming soon :O)

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie