Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hello Again Everyone!!!!

As promised, (Ok, a day late) I am posting an excerpt from the third story in my new book More Time Well Spent.  It is one of my favorites to be honest but then again, I am anxious to see what you all think.

If That Was a Dream, Don't Wake me Up! : Dan and Amanda attend a private pool party at a friends house that just happens to be an orgy. At first Amanda isn't sure she wants to share Dan but changes her mind quickly when she experiences being more "full" then she has ever been. She has an encounter with a woman as well as Dan has an encounter with a man while two other couples join them for some intense fun next to the pool.

 I hope that you enjoy the excerpt.... 

When we got to the edge of the pool, Dan takes me into his arms starting to kiss me, those wonderful long, deep passionate kisses, moving his hands down my arms, then back to my neck to take my suit off.  Once my top is off, he pulls me up far enough to suck on my hard nipple, biting and then sucking as I throw my head back moaning. 

I love the feeling of his teeth on my nipples but I pull his mouth back to mine while I move his shorts down as well.  His cock is very hard and throbbing. 

Dan’s back is to the wall of the pool while he is holding onto me.  The water isn’t that deep where we are as my feet can still touch.  I move closer to him so I can take his hard cock deep inside of my pussy. 

“Oh that feels so good Amanda” Dan tells me as he feels my muscles clench on his hard cock.  I start to move all over him, up and down, kissing him and sucking on his mouth.  I feel Dan’s fingers at my nipples, pinching them as I slide up and down his body effortlessly in the water.  I suck his bottom lip into my mouth, licking and then kissing it.  As his mouth moves down to my neck, sucking on the sensitive skin hard I quickly intake my breath, I love it when he does that.

When I feel his hands on my ass, moving me up and down the way that he wants me to move, plunging deeply inside of me, I moan into his mouth.  He then lifts me up so my nipple is in his mouth again, biting on the hard pebble until I cry out.  He looks up at me as my muscles clench hard on his cock.  He smiles at me, looking over my shoulder when I suddenly feel another set of hands on my nipples pinching them rhythmically.  I tighten my muscles on Dan’s hard dick deep inside of me with each pinch.  I look back at a man that has come up behind me as he smiles at me, moving his hand down to my ass.  I smile welcoming back at his beautiful smile as he whispers that his name is Jace.  I look questioning at Dan as I feel his hands caress my back and Dan smiles at me, kissing me deeply. 

Dan pulls my legs up around his waist so he is totally buried deep inside of my pussy, kissing me hard as I feel Jace stick one of his fingers slowly inside of my ass while I am moving on Dan around and around, up and down.  Jace then easily slides in two fingers and I then feel him move closer behind me as he slowly slides his hard dick inside of my ass. 

It is so tight; Dan can feel him move slowly inside my ass too, the friction of another man’s hard dick inside of me just separated by a thin piece of skin is overwhelming to all of us.  We all three start moving slowly at first, Jace is pinching my nipples, sucking on my neck; Dan is kissing me hard and deep.  I am breathing hard and tell Dan that I am going to cum.  Dan starts to move faster and Jace increases his speed as well so he is moving with us as my climax hits me hard.  My muscles start throbbing like crazy around both Dan and Jace’s cocks buried deep inside of me at the same time that it pushes them both over the edge with a powerful orgasm of their own.  My quivering muscles from my own intense climax squeeze the last drop of cum from both cocks.  Jace slides his softening erection out of my ass, kisses me and moves slowly away smiling telling us that he will catch us later. 

Well?  Opinions?  :O)  

I am on my way to work on another story, I hope that you enjoyed this excerpt... I would love it if you let me know what you think :O)

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