Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Book, More Time Well Spent


Hello Everyone!

It has been quite some time since I had a moment to update my blog!  The craziness of life and all that happens can be quite overwhelming at times but then things slow down to a slow mac truck exiting the freeway making it possible to jump off for a moment to do an update is possible as long as it isn't too long of course  :O)  

I have a new book out, More Time Well Spent.  This book I wrote because I listened to my readers that liked the explicit sexual situations in the first book but some wanted longer, more involved stories then the very quick ones that others really seem to love.  I released this one and am working on a few others that I will be releasing individually so I can get a better feel for what is really desired in a story.

This book has 5 stories in it and I thought just for fun, I would put a bit of an excerpt in the blog to get some comments.  I am really interested in if there is a subject matter that you would like me to explore in a story or really what you think of this new style....


Here's an excerpt from Unexpected Surprise....
Tom and Lucy decide to go on a drive to the beach stopping off at the river on the way for some lunch and fun in the sun while enjoying their first sexual encounter. They continue onto a cabin where they continue the fun in a hot tub exploring each other completely.

A few lines from the story......
Lucy’s hips start to move when she moves her hand so she can squeeze Tom’s big hard cock through his straining shorts.  She feels it throbbing in her hand, growing harder and she wants to suck it now.  Lucy continues to kiss down Tom’s chest, licking his nipples as she moves her hand up and down his hard shaft through his shorts.  Tom’s hips start to move as he moans when her tongue moves around his nipples, little kisses and nibbles all the way down to his stomach.

Lucy unfastens his shorts, unzips the zipper and he is not wearing any underwear so his big hard cock springs out seemingly with a life of its own, throbbing with each beat of his heart.  Lucy looks into his eyes, smiling at him as he smiles back at her, putting his hand on her head, telling her to go ahead when she hesitates. 

Lucy’s warm breath touches Tom’s cock, then her tongue moves out of her mouth to lick the head of him, he stops breathing for a moment.  Her tongue slowly moves around the head of him, taking in more and more into her warm wet mouth, alternating between licking it up and down his straining shaft.  When her mouth swallows him whole, he lets out his breath, moaning loudly.  His hips move forward as his hand guides her in the way that brings him the most pleasure. 

He can’t take it for long because he wants her now.  He doesn’t want to cum down her throat their first time together, he wants to cum deep inside of her warm wet pussy.  Tom wants to take her every way possible, and then spend as much time enjoying each and every way only to find other ways that he didn’t think possible.  He stops her, pulling her up to him slowly so her whole body moves against his.

Well.... there is a small portion of the story as Lucy and Tom stop off to have some lunch and a fantastic time exploring each other.  Sound interesting so far? 

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