Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Homecomming

Hello Everyone!!!

I hope that everyone enjoyed the excerpt from my new book, Unexpected Surprise!  I thought just for the fun of it, I would continue with the enjoyment of posting excerpts from each of the 5 stories in my new release More Time Well Spent available on Amazon right now for $2.99.......

Happy Homecoming!

This next story is called  Happy Homecoming: Callie and Denny are parted for nearly a year while he was working overseas. They meet up again to rekindle their relationship with some intense lovemaking along with some backdoor fun making Denny's homecuming memorable.

And now for the excerpt....

Denny gets two of his fingers wet from all the excess wetness that she has coming from her pussy and then suddenly pushes two fingers into her bum.  It is unexpected but welcome.  After he has her loosened up some, Denny suddenly takes his cock out of her pussy and starts to slowly move the head of it into her bum.  AAaaaa she moans loudly.  He moves slowly getting her use to the size.  She pushes back toward him feeling him go deeper.  She lets her breath out as she feels his balls against her ass.  He lets his breath out feeling the tightness of her bum around his throbbing cock.  She starts to move against him faster as he pulls out and then pushes back in slowly.  It is really starting to feel amazing to Callie so she encourages him to move faster, deeper. 

Denny holds onto her hips as he starts to move quicker, deeper with each thrust.  She is moaning, pushing her hips back to meet his strokes.  Callie is going to cum, it is getting close when he suddenly reaches down and grabs onto her nipples, pinching them hard, shoving his cock deeply into her ass as he starts to cum.  That is all it takes to push Callie over the edge to scream into the pillow as she reached her climax.  His yell joins hers as she cries out emptying his cum deep into her bum, then collapsing down on top of her.  They both lay there breathing fast and then deeply until they fall asleep as their breathing becomes slower, more relaxed.

Now I have a question... one about the style of writing here... I have been told that it sounds good to have both the word "bum" and "ass" intertwined and used in the same story.... I am personally unsure if I like it all that much.  I would love to hear opinions on this, as if it is distracting to have both words used or if it works for readers.


  1. Good Morning, Ms. Bella ... To me it was a little confusing going from 'bum'(4x) to 'ass'(2x) & back. But I'm okay with either or. Honestly, I've never thought about it. Now I've got to look through other stories & see if they use one or the other or both. LOL Leann
    a new fan in VA

    1. Good Morning Leann...

      Thanks for the comment! I thank you for your comment! People who read it seem to think it is fine but to me... well? Just reading it again when I posted it, I am on the fence about it. I guess as long as I don't get any slivers, it will be all good :O)