Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Amazing World of Independent Writers….

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As with all worlds, real or imagined, there are good people and there are those that really need to work on their people skills.  Perhaps it is the balance of good vs evil? Of course it could always be that they really got up on the wrong side of the bed, slipped and fell and nothing has gone right since.  For whatever reason people are grumpy, mean spirited, rude, unkind, or whatever negatively descriptive word you would like to throw in there, everyone has an off day, even me :O) 

I decided to go on tour with my book through BK Walker with the Virtual Book Tour Café and this in my last blog for the tour I have been on for a month now.  I have met some really wonderful people on this tour as well as have had the pleasure of knowing before I went on tour.  I have also met some really grumpy people from every aspect of my writing experience.  I would like to sing the praises of a few people that I have met, who have helped this rather new writer who is getting use to trying to promote my work in this crazy world of self-publishing.

For those of you who have read my blogs as well as interviews, I am sure it won’t surprise you to see my mentioning Martin Sharlow author of several books, including Chronicles of Blood .  He is the one that inspired me to publish my books in the first place, giving me some much needed advice.  Between him and his daughter Shanda Sharlow, author of Jenni for one, they have been my inspiration.  I am a huge fan of their writing as a reader.  Their work stands very well on their own but I wanted to give them a thank you for all they have done to help me along the way.  I would also like to heartily thank anyone who have or will purchase my books, I am beyond honored. 

When my tour started, BK was wonderful, set up my tour very quickly and with some great people.  There are some that went completely out of their way, exceptionally nice and helpful.  I completely appreciate each and every single one of them!   I had the pleasure of going onto Katie Salidas’s website for an interview and in doing so; I was able to read one of her well-loved books, House of Immortal Pleasures.  I absolutely loved it and highly recommend it.  She is an inspiration for my next book; she was so very genuine and kind to me.  

The Golden Pen Review, Kiki Howell from Authors by Authors, (totally love her concept of authors helping authors!), CJ Black from CJ Black Satin, Sally at Bibrary Bookslut, Miranda from My Eclectic Bookshelf, Kari  From theTBR Pile and last but not least, Jocelyn Modo who so graciously decided to host my last tour when someone else wasn’t able to do it…. I thank you all for being so kind to me!

Now I would like to thank all those wonderful writers over at Indie Writers Unite!  I discovered this wonderful group for writers on Facebook that made my first experience with really grumpy people seems so very isolated!  I could go on and on mentioning the wonderful people that I have met on this site, sharing their wonderful books, helping each other in this confusing world of self-publishing, (at least confusing for me :O)  

The first person who welcomed me and I got to even comment on her new book title which was fun, is Melissa Smith. She is so very kind, always commenting on things, letting people get to know her.  Mike Cooley not only was kind and welcoming but he shared his idea of putting music with his poetry.  I have never been a huge fan of poetry but I love the one that he shared along with his song that he wrote for it.  I am very impressed, looking forward to hearing more from him.  I could go on and on naming people but it would take a very long time.  I will be continuing this subject on my personal blog for those who don’t mind a shout out as well so if anyone would like to comment on the idea that would be fantastic.  I look forward to reading so many new books!  I am reading Shanda Sharlow’s Jenni at the moment but I will get to all those others too. 

There are some amazing people, books and music out there that I truly hope that those who haven’t taken a chance on an Indie author like me and the people that I have raved about, so you don’t miss out on something wonderful!  

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

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