Sunday, July 24, 2011

New Book Covers - Opinions Please :O)

Hello Everyone! 

Did you all notice the new book covers for the Time Well Spent Series?  I have been busy working on new covers as well as going through each book to put them back up on Amazon as well as Smashwords.  I have a new book, the Time Well Spent Series – Names Edition which will be coming out in paperback soon as well.  I listened to my readers who wanted names in the stories so this book, the Names Edition is for you.

I noticed when I put up the new covers for the Time Well Spent Series and moved the covers over for Jennifer’s New Erotic Adventures with its new cover on the Complete Collection, which the other four books look really out of place with the new covers.  What do you think?  Do they need new covers too?  Maybe something that shows what each book has in it?  The strawberry fits well with the first book but not so sure about the rest of them?  I would love your input as well as your thoughts on the new covers.  Which one is your favorite one?

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie

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