Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are Writers Too Sensitive?

Well if that isn’t a silly question, I don’t know what is.  I think that anyone that takes pride in their work, that puts so much of themselves in it, loves it, nurtures it, molds it to make it just how they want it to be would be a bit sensitive about their work.  I have heard a lot of writers refer to their writing as their babies and that is what it is like I think, especially with the stories I am working on at the moment for me even.  I personally think that is a good thing, it makes it personal to each writer.  They put themselves into the stories and if someone doesn’t like it, it is hard for them to take, kind of when someone doesn’t like your children for whatever reason.  What? What do you mean that there is something you don’t like about my child?  Are you insane or just stupid?  Obviously you don’t know what the heck you are talking about or well, you are an idiot, no other way around it because you are wrong, WRONG I tell you!

LOL… Well that is how a lot of people feel, you say something negative no matter what it is, even if it is just advice about something and suddenly not only are you a moron but not worthy of my time.  No one likes to hear negativity especially if it is about themselves but after I cry, stomp my feet, throw something at the nearest person that is dumb enough to get within my firing range, I process it and take what I can from it, always trying to improve myself.

I would like to say, for the record I am under construction.  When I started this journey at a friend and fellow author, Martin Sharolw’s encouragement I had so few skills on designing anything in regard to formatting, covers, or anything really to do with writing.  My computer skills are shall we say… below most of the people that I have met, but higher then others too so that has to count for something?  I however am learning a great deal from people!  I am shocked more than you can imagine being able to figure out how to use Photoscape to make covers that I was proud of.  Not because they looked good, since I thought they did, but because I conquered that huge dragon of figuring out how to do what I did.  I figured it out on my own too, talk about amazed.  I still have a lot of work to go on my covers but thanks to some wonderful people, I think I might be headed in the right direction, or rather on a zigzag path that will eventually get me there.

Now it has been pointed out to me that I have my books titled all wrong.  I wrote the main book in my first series, Time Well Spent and it was suggested to break it up into sections and sell each of them for a small amount so people would get a feel for my writing and buy the complete collection that way.  I took the time to break them up into what seemed the best way subject matter and walla, 7 books were created.  I then titled them Time Well Spent Series, book 1-7 depending on the book of course.  My son pointed out to me that for those books, they need to have a totally different title and Time Well Spent isn’t really needed on the cover at all.  A friend also pointed that out to me before that just a few days before that even.  Well dang it, here I thought I was doing well and whap!  Nope.  When I thought about it, they are right!  They do need to be titled differently.  

So now I am in a big pickle!  What to do!  Why am I writing all this?  Because I asked for opinions on my covers and I got very few, (should have given me the first clue that there was something wrong!)  Some really liked them, and only one pointed out that the font had issues.  She was right because when I figured out how to shrink it down to see how it looked in a smaller version, it was terrible.  On the sites that are selling them, they look different than the one I saved, can’t read it well and it’s not as clear as they should be.  So I am back to the drawing board.  

I want to say, for the record, I want and need opinions.  If the font or color scheme sucks, let me know! I am a work in progress and I need all the help I can get.  Everyone has opinions, not all I will agree with but I would much rather hear them and know why they are saying what they are so I can make that decision.  I am not going to break if you say my work sucks, but it will help me improve it.  My goal in joining groups and joining in with people is because I genuinely want to help others succeed and I want to do the best that I can in my own work.  I think of this as a learning experience for everyone and if I can help anyone, I am more than happy to do it.  So when I ask for opinions, give them to me please.  I have no problem telling you that I think you are off your rocker and that I don’t agree if I don’t agree.  I think that helping each other, we are going to turn this world upside down with our words being stronger and more professional.  

Thank you for reading my ramblings… go out and hug an author!  Thank you for all the comments that are sure to pour in now too because well… we are all in this together.  

Before I go, I know these are still not right but opinions would still be good stylewise.  I am still not sure the titles.....


  1. I like the top cover the best of those. The last one would be my second choice.

    And I agree with you about criticism. You need to be able to take the good, the bad, and the ugly, and just learn what you can from them. Don't take any one person's opinion as gospel. Opinions vary. If *no one* likes something that's a different matter.

    I have a few books where I tried cover after cover. It took awhile just to settle on one design. Once we make ourself happy, it's often right. Trust your instincts.


  2. Thanks Mike...
    I am starting to think I should have stayed with simple! I don't think I am going to change "Jennifer" because it is easy to tell they are in a series, well except maybe the last one, don't really care for the coloring on it.

    Good advice on not only taking one person's opinion as gospel. I try to get as many opinions as I can and then decide.

    Good point on trusting my instincts too.. thanks for commenting! I will take your opinion under advisement :O)

    Bella Marie

  3. With little time available I didn't read your post and only looked at the covers. (Yeah I'm that bad... sorry;)

    I love the top one most. However I think the "Book 7" is too dominant out there. I would suggest (only a suggestion) to just use the number "7" and make it a little translucent and put it a behind the "Internet Love"