Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Fun of Anal Toys!

As promised, I want to do a blog posting on the fun of Anal toys to celebrate the release of my latest book, Joy's Unexpected Pleasure.  There is a lot of anal exploration on both main charactures parts.  I personally enjoy it tremendously but it wasn't always like that. 

At first I was like "Uh, no way!  That is an exit, not an entrance period!"  I would not even hear of it.  I had talked to some people that really enjoyed it and I was like, "Yeah, whatever, you are nuts!" and left it at that.  My ex and I would get porno's once in a while and it never really thrilled me at first until I really started paying attention to it.  The women in the movie's didn't seem to hate it, as a matter of fact, they seemed to really enjoy it.  Of course my ex was trying to talk me into it so he probably got only anal video's for that reason but still, didn't look too horrible. 

Then during an intimate moment my ex tried slipping a finger into my forbidden bum and well, it didn't feel as horrible as I had suspected it would.  On the contrary, it felt pretty good.  I decided to read a bit about it, see what other's said about it.

I got some great advice on how to best do it and one night, we tried it.  I won't lie, it hurt a bit at first but with persistence, it became my favorite way to have sex, or rather end sex.  Granted we only did it a few times before we separated but it was the best sex of our relationship.  It continues to be one of my very favorite things to do. 

Here's some great advice that I got when I wanted to try it out....
I am a very clean person so being clean is a really good way to start.  The second most important thing is to only consider it with someone you trust, someone that will be careful and gentle especially at first.  That will go slow and will take direction from you as to how fast to go.  The third most important thing to do is to relax.  That is not easy when you are trying something new and so different to you, especially if you are not sure about it in the first place.  Some people suggest playing with toys first and that is not something I tried personally but it seems like a good idea, especially if your partner is like my first one was and very large. 

This is my first toy after I ended up separating from my ex and it ended up being a good friend. 

It is an awesome toy, Big Red, but it is one of the first ones that came out in the silicone line and it had a funky smell to it like burned plastic or something equally as unpleasant.  I wasn't so thrilled with that but let me tell you after I got the smell out of it, the tiny tip and swirly ridges are most enjoyable.  It is also a good toy to start with because it is silicone and feels pretty real.  The best part?  It is also a vibrator and I can tell you, it is amazing.   If you have read my other postings, you will probably guess I enjoy vibrators :O)

I went to my sister's Pure Romance party and found a fantastic cleaner for toys.  It doesn't break down the silicone toys either.  

I highly recommend it.  It works great!

I think over the next few days, I will feature a few anal toy's for your enjoyment.  Various kinds, some that I have, some that I don't.  Anal sex isn't for everyone but for me and a lot of my friends, it is another way to expand on exploring your partner sexually.  A rather enjoyable one in my opinion.  I hope that you enjoyed my posting.  Let me know what you think and I would love to hear your views on anal sex.  

Happy Reading!
Bella Marie 


  1. Ms. Bella, Two days in a row... WOOT!! WOOT!! hehe
    Anyway, I enjoyed todays blog & I'm 'learning' new things (at my age)from you. Please keep em coming! hehe, again. Leann

  2. A kok ain't supposed to go into a bunghole, girly. What's wrong with you?? God, whom we're A-L-L gonna face someday, sez it's verrry wrong AND it literally widens your anus till you have to wear a diper. I hope you like our writing, but that pisses-me-off. If you wanna git damned for not obeying God, thar's lil I can do besides pray for U.S. God bless you.