Monday, February 6, 2012

"Blue Pearls" and Vegi's can be VERY Satisfying!

I would like to start off by thanking everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules to comment on my last post.  I love all the responses, and I have learned a lot from them too, which is an added bonus. 

As you have probably guessed from reading my last post, I really enjoy “Purple”, one of my all-time favorite and best friends as a matter of fact.  It has its place as all my toys do.  As you can probably tell by looking at “Purple” it’s, not very let’s say, as comfortable as others for penetration.  Usually “Purple is used because quite frankly, I have an unbelievably busy schedule with a  child as well as two businesses I am currently running, and my writing, pretty tired at the end of the day.  I do have a favorite one for penetration though if I want a more involved session.  I call this one “Blue Pearls”  I have forgotten it's real name so the one that I have given it seems appropriate :O)

As you probably have noticed looking at it, it has quite the fancy look about it.  It has simple controls that are easy to operate the vibrator as well as the moving pearls, the head of it rotates both left and right and the pearls have their own fantastic feeling about them.  The extra clit stimulator is of course a fantastic edition.  This toy is great alone or with a friend to experiment with. 

Silicone toys are nice in a lot of ways but in my experience, I have one that smelled so bad after I purchased it that I could not bring myself to use it for a long time.  I didn’t particularly like the overwhelming plastic smell of it so it made me especially cautious purchasing this one.  Fortunately “Blue Pearls” was a great purchase with no lingering smell of plastic.  

I realized in looking at my own box of toys that I prefer vibrators for clitoral stimulation, (I am sure you are saying duh :O).  I don’t own a single vaginal dildo because for me, the penetration is not the most important thing.  If I am going to have a friend or lover over to play, I really enjoy experimenting with vegetables.  Sounds strange maybe but man can it be extremely fun and fulfilling for both partners!  I have seen women before looking at cucumbers in the store with a smile on their face and since I generally look at a nice firm cucumber in the same way, I always can guess who is Vegi-friendly since I too enjoy a private smile of my own at times :O)

If a tongue is added to the mix with toys or vegi’s, well the bliss can be unimaginable unless you have experienced the greatest of pleasures and can well imagine it. 

I wanted to point out that I really love using toys on my partner as well.  I am in no way a selfish lover; I gain immense pleasure watching my partner achieve great pleasure.  It is a toss-up on rather I enjoy watching them pleasure themselves more or my own mouth, hands and a well-placed toy on them to watch them climax by my ability in prolonging the experience for maximum pleasure. 

My question is do you enjoy experimenting with others with toys?  Does your partner balk at experimenting?  I have a story that I wrote about a wife and a husband experimenting with light bondage and she ties him up and enjoys having anal sex with him with a strap on, but no more than he does until the tables turn.  I can’t be the only one that finds that kind of an idea appealing can I?


  1. Toys are a awesome plus for any woman, alone or with a partner. I have your toy "blue pearls", I call mine Diving It is a great toy and has so many different facets to it that it can bring hours of joy.
    I will be honest and say that my experience with toy playing, is somewhat limited to myself. I would love to find a lover who wanted to be played with as well. Toys are not a "replacement" for a lover they are an addition to the games. LOL
    I also admit to not being familiar with vegetables. You will now have me looking at the produce section of my store with a much more critical eye. Would love to catch someone with that "dreamy" look in their eyes as they look at a

    Thanks for the awesome post, I love to learn new things. :)

    1. Oh I like your name for your toy Michelle :O) Oh you are going to have to check out vegetables! I highly recommend the fun of experimentation. I think I will do the next post of the wonders of Vegis! A good piece of corn on the cob can be quite fun as well :O)

  2. Bella, like most men - I freaking hate going shopping with a a woman. I'd rather have a root canal. However, if she wants me to go to the toy store with her - I'm on it. Let's go, what's taking you so long to get ready?

    Being the giver or the receiver of the toy's pleasure is equally good, but if I have a choice - I prefer to use it on her or watch her use it, with a little assistance from my hands and tongue.

    However, as I think I've said before, the most intense orgasm of my life was when I was the recipient of a toy's joy while receiving an expert blow-job. OMG - I almost lost my mind.

    Regarding veggies, I have used seedless grapes in place of ben wa balls. Oh yeah, those were tasty.

    I loved your post, as usual - you rock.